1 September 2015 – Sales Powered by Service - This programme will help you understand how you can influence customers’ purchasing decisions and the benefits of selling beyond the basics.


23 September 2015 – Half day Assertive Skills – This programme will give you tips and techniques to be get your point across effectively and elegantly, when involved in a tricky situation.


I October 2015 – Service Across Culture – This programme will increase your awareness of other cultures and give practical skills and advice to help you to communicate effectively with visitors or clients from overseas.


20 October 2015 – Effective Chairing of Meetings – This programme will provide you with ideas and techniques to assist you in chairing great meetings and how to stimulate action.


3 November 2015 – Customers with Disabilities - This programme will offer you the knowledge and confidence to cater for disabled customers’ needs sensitively and effectively.


17 November 2015 – Minute Taking - This course is designed for team members who require ancillary skills and confidence building in note-taking and taking minutes, whether on an occasional or regular basis.


Please email me at  c.bowie@blueyonder.co.uk for more information and bookings.